7 Chakra Crystal Stone Set heart with Sacred Sanskrit Symbols Etched in Gold

1,050.00 950.00

7 Chakra Crystal Tumbled Stone Set heart with Sacred Sanskrit Symbols Etched in Gold. This complete chakra tumbled set with Sanskrit etchings comes in a plastic bag and the following 7 tumbled stones. The sizes of the stones will vary and will be from 1/2 inch to 1 inch in size. Place directly on each chakra to open and clear them. Or display them on your table or altar as they release their healing energies. This set is also using for healing. These ancient Sanskrit symbols are exceptionally beautiful and can be displayed proudly in your home. 1st (Root) Chakra: Red Jasper: Courage, protection, survival, justice, stamina and endurance. Increases blood circulation, sexual desire, helps with anemia, stiff muscles and blocked energy, stimulates the entire body to function at its best. 2nd (Sacral) Chakra: Orange Carnelian: Energy booster, speeds metabolism, passion, confidence, charming, fun warm loving people lover energy, creative thinking, successful, goal driven, relieves depression, insomnia & infertility.