Blue Aventurine Pyramids

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Blue Aventurine Pyramids – These Blue Aventurine Pyramids from India are perfect for use in grids, healing sessions or in your meditations. Pyramids are a form of Sacred Geometry and help amplify any vibration. They are relatively small, making them versatile in their uses.  Blue Aventurine is a type of quartz that contains rutile or crocidolite, giving it its blue color. It works primarily with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, with a little attention to the Heart Chakra. Meditating with a Blue Aventurine may influence you to connect with your inner self, allowing for the recognition of your own psychic abilities. Aventurine resonates with the Heart Chakra, which enables Blue Aventurine to connect the intellectual knowledge with a compassionate vibration.  Pyramids have an ability to amplify and focus the energy of one’s intention. The Sacred Geometry inherent within any pyramid’s design is what gives it the power within.


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