Seven Chakra Reiki Pyramid Set Symbol Engraved

1,800.00 1,600.00

These Beautiful Seven Chakra Pyramids Comes with Symbol Engraved on it  We charge it From Reiki and Energised for Healing, This is Very High Quality Set and Can be Used For  1. Keeping with you for wish Making Relation to your Seven Chakra

2. Healing for Seven Chakras

3. balancing Seven CHakra

4. Meditation by it

5. Keep in your Room, Office, Table to Energise the Place  Put Seven Wishes Under Seven Chakra.This set includes

7 Chakra Pyramids on Crystals:

1. Amethyst 2. Sodalite 3. Lapis Lazuli  4. Green Aventurine 5. Golden Quartz 6. Carnalian 7. Red Jasper.